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We are indeed proud of our readers who respond by writing to us their valuable thoughts and views on the various articles published in Samudhra. Their interaction is vital to make the magazine more purposeful and meaningful. Now, readers can directly write to us on any aspect of fine arts which they feel is worth sharing.

Hats off to you for your timely and purposeful editorial on the subject of Bhakthi music. As you have rightly pointed, Brugas and Sangatis have no place in Bhakthi Music. It is simple and is based only on the text. External frills are not required.

This must be realised by the singers of Bhakthi Music. It is only a repetition of Lord God/s names in a pious manner.

- B.R.Kumar, Chennai

Your editorial, "Bhakthi Music sans Bhakthi?" was very interesting. Indeed, Bhakthi Music is tending to be 'sans'(without) Bhakthi. In the name of 'Fusion' music, the artists are intertwining different genres of music and mix up everything without logic. When three or four artists sing one after the other, they sing 'brugas' and 'sangatis' so fast and without clarity of the lyrics,  the music has no aesthetic value and it becomes very disturbing. It is very true that the purpose of 'Bakthi music' is to reach God, to enjoy the 'Paramatma' through the medium of music; it is one kind of 'Nadopasana'. The lyrics which praise the glory of God are primarily important and music should be simple just to convey the words.

I fully agree with you that the present day form of Bhakthi music is much against the very purpose. Instead of getting mental peace and getting into 'bliss', we only witness a competition among the artists, each trying to prove his/her talent. The music has a tendency to sound like a cacophony.

- Santhanam by email

Your editorial was very apt and timely. Yes, today, many sing the Bhajans without its original purpose being focused. I wish these devotional songs were kept within temples so that the Bhakthi element be retained and singers also perform it only as an offering to God and not with the aim of pleasing the audience.

- Ramani.N, Madurai

There is no harm for some musicians treading into Bhajan Singing if they know both the arts. Who told that they are spreading Bhakthi in the minds of rasigas! Recently, I was talking to a senior musician and musicologist about this. He clarified in no unmistakable terms that it is not their job to spread Bhakthi.  Music is their profession without job security to earn money.  Perhaps, music and Bhajan may kindle the innate Bhakthi sense. There is nothing wrong in singing with bruga in Bhajans. But of course, not only brugas, anything if given over doze shall sicken the minds, as a proverb goes "Even nectar, if offered over, will turn as a poison."

- P.Sarangapani, Kumbakonam

It was quite interesting to know more about Smt.S.Rajeswari's contribution to music, dance, nattuvangam besides bharatnatyam and kuchipudi art of performance.  Her contribution as a good teacher to produce many artistes is noteworthy. Samudhra is always in the forefront to focus such eminent people.

- M.S.Bindumadhavan,  Chennai

Smt.Rajeswari featured in this month's Samudhra is a very talented musician from her younger age. Her special talent was to accompany dance performances. She sang for top notch dancers and earned a very good name. She has a very good voice range and high pitch as well.

As for your editorial, whatever you have said is agreeable and each and every point made by you is appreciable. Bhakthi music should keep to its limit, otherwise it will lose its charm and rasikas will not be able to enjoy its music in a proper way. The Bhajans have played a great part in the preservation of sacred music and this focus should not be diluted.

- Saroja Swamy, Chennai

It was heartening to see a write-up about Cherthala Dr.K.N.Ranganatha Sharma and his Guru-cum-father Cherthala K.Narayana Iyer. It is true that Shri Narayana Iyer's family is blessed by the Almighty with many members involved in music - full time professionals or music teachers. Ranganatha Sharma is a very well known musician and though he is working as Associate Professor at Madurai, he has been giving concerts at Chennai also from time to time. He has a strong majestic voice and sings very traditionally. He is a very warm and humble person too. It is nice that almost all the members and 'shishyas' attended the 'Guru Smaranjali'function. So also the festival has been graced by the presence of many eminent vidwans around Cherthala. The point stressed by Mavelikkara Subramanyam that "Samarpana Manobhavam towards Guru" is very important, is very apt.

- Santhanam by email


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