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 Dear Readers

We are very happy to share that we are will be starting two more new projects on 2nd October2014 i.e. Mudhra Music Studio - a multipurpose Studio and Paalam Academy - an educational institution to conduct Music appreciation classes for music lovers and advance theory classes for music students.

2nd October happens to be very special to us as way back in 1987, our press Mudhra prints came into being and in 1990, on the same day, our sabha Mudhra  organised its first experimental 4 hour concert  by Sri.O.S.Thiagarajan. After this event, we took off slowly and launched Mudhra  sabha and then Samudhra magazine. With a view to connect art, artists and rasikas through the net, Paalam was started in 2013 and in January 2014, we completed the first chapter of 52 weeks of concert webcast free for rasikas and have been continuing with the next chapter since then. Music lovers all over the world have benefitted from this and are able to listen to quality concerts inside their very homes.

Our next project Mudhra Music Studio (MMS)  is basically a compact video recording studio which will have all the facility of video recording - live music concerts, talk shows and presentations. It can be used for archiving, workshops, lecture demonstrations and so on. It accommodates space for  a small audience. Also, programmes can be video recorded as well as webcast live through internet so that people can watch it anywhere in the world. All these studio facilities can be utilized by anyone on a rental basis as well..

Paalam Academy is being started mainly to conduct Music Appreciation programmes for those who are interested to know the system of Karnatic music and enjoy . This will be full time course as well as part time course. We also plan to conduct workshops, seminars and lecture demonstration for small groups. All these academic sessions will be conducted in person as well as through live webcast .

These are some of the features at present and there is always scope for expansion by bringing new ideas as the technology develops day by day.

Our goal is to reach more people at a time around the globe using technology. We wish to spread the greatness of our Karnatic music system all over the world to as many people as possible.



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